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OCA, Optical and Tape Bonding | AG Displays Blog

Bonding integration is a highly sought-after solution in industries prone to harsh environmental conditions, such as military, marine, medical, and transportation applications.

When integrating or upgrading LCD designs, ruggedization becomes essential to ensure an extended lifecycle and enhanced viewability. Bonding offers significant benefits, making the display more impact-resistant and less susceptible to environmental vulnerabilities like dust collection and moisture condensation.

Bonding finds widespread application in various scenarios, including touchscreen integration, small handheld screens, and large display screens. The primary reason for adding bonding is its function as a method of integrating other LCD components. For instance, bonding becomes essential when securing a touchscreen or coverglass to the display. It is particularly advantageous in situations with direct sunlight, where it helps reduce reflection and increase ruggedness. Another common scenario for bonding is when a touchscreen or coverglass needs to be integrated into your LCD design, especially in cases where damage has occurred.

AGDisplays provides three different methods of bonding for your LCD: optical bond, OCA bond, and tape/perimeter bond. Depending on your specific application environment, we customize the bonding solution to create the ideal LCD stack-up that can withstand regular usage and environmental challenges.

To ensure the utmost precision and cleanliness during the bonding process, AGDisplays performs these critical manufacturing processes in one of our Class 1000 clean rooms. Clean rooms are essential in industries where even tiny contamination particles can adversely affect the manufacturing process. These controlled environments are specifically designed to maintain very low levels of air pollutants. By utilizing clean rooms for our bonding services, we guarantee the highest quality and reliability in our LCD solutions.

With AGDisplays, you can trust our expertise and dedication to delivering ruggedized LCDs through superior bonding integration, ensuring optimal performance and durability in challenging environments.

We invite you to check out our website for more info with the link below: https://agdisplays.com/services/oca-optical-tape-bonding