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Passive and Active Film Enhancement | AG Displays Blog

Film enhancements offer a powerful means to unleash the full potential of your LCD display. By integrating passive film enhancements, you can experience a multitude of benefits, including increased brightness, reduced reflection and glare, prevention of EMI interference, added privacy features, and more.

In demanding outdoor conditions, such as direct and indirect sunlight, high glare, and reflection, it becomes imperative for LCDs to maintain optimal readability. Ambient sunlight levels can reach up to 30,000 nits on an average sunny day, necessitating high LCD brightness and clear optical quality for users. Off-the-shelf LCDs may not be adequately equipped to handle such challenging conditions. At AGDisplays, we offer quick and convenient LCD solutions, allowing customers to achieve superior readability and clarity levels without resorting to costly LCD unit upgrades.

Our expertly trained team understands that LCD panel manufacturers utilize various configurations of optical films to direct, brighten, and diffuse light from the backlight source. AGDisplays provides a wide range of film enhancements to enhance your LCD’s functionality and versatility. Our film products are skillfully retrofitted into LCDs of any size. Being passive enhancements, these film additions do not involve changes to electrical components or additional wattage consumption. Thus, power consumption remains unaffected, and there’s no need to readjust thermal management.

AGDisplays takes a tailored approach to film enhancements, configuring solutions based on the specific LCD chosen and thoroughly reviewed by our Design Team. As LCD specifications vary widely, our film enhancements are custom-built for each customer project, ensuring an optimized design precisely tailored to your panel’s requirements.

With AGDisplays’ film enhancement solutions, you can unlock the full potential of your LCD display, enhancing its performance and capabilities to meet the unique demands of your applications. Trust us to deliver superior and customized film enhancements, elevating your LCD experience to new heights.

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