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American Assembled LCD Display Solutions | AG Displays Blog

AGDisplays is proud to offer American assembled LCD designs and components to our customers across the United States and the wider world. We are proud to provide the highest level of quality and support. While language barriers may create challenges, AGDisplays bridges those challenges by offering customers individual and focused support of our tight-knit group of expert engineers and technicians. Our team is ready to assist on all aspects of LCD design, from mechanics to electronics, to supply and support. With the ongoing 2020 overseas trade tensions, it may not take much convincing to sway customers towards American assembly, but if you are looking for more reasons why, here is a list of the potential benefits provided by AGDisplays’ Assembled in America displays:

1. Minimized Shipping Costs

Displays assembled with multiple components can be landed and assembled by AGDisplays, and then repackaged and forwarded to the customer as a single item, saving valuable fuel costs and cargo space. This also helps to minimize damage to fragile components by allowing us to package items with higher a safety standard than the bulk overseas shipping companies. Displays and components can also be returned directly to AGDisplays, saving massive shipping costs as opposed to returns overseas.

2. Efficient Production

While the cost of American labor is often higher than our overseas counterparts, nowhere else in the world is the phrase “Time Equals Money” more true than in the United States. AGDisplays’ small team of specialists has spent years honing our assembly practice and acquiring our collective knowledge to create a fine-tuned system of efficiency and mobility. Our 124,000 sq. ft. facility houses all of the necessary equipment to engineer, test, and troubleshoot LCD and touchscreen equipment from all brands, giving us the ability to respond quickly to the unexpected, and to always be at the forefront of expanding technology. Our communication support means that customers are always up to date of production timelines and goals.

A view inside the AGD production floor, including our assembly tables and cleanroom.
Our assembly stations and equipment ready for production.

3. Excellent Support

Anyone who has dealt with foreign tech support knows the challenges that can occur from something as simple as setting up an internet router. Now apply that image to something as complicated as a turn-key LCD design. Un-disparaging to our tech friends abroad, but AGDisplays offers English language support directly from our team of sales and design specialists. Customers can work one-on-one with the AGDisplays specialist who designs and assembles their display, and who is dedicated to seeing challenges through the eyes of the customer.

4. Environmentally Friendly

AGDisplays always looks to improve our environment for the health and safety of our employees and community. AGDisplays voluntarily adheres to strict environmental and recycling procedures, specifically ISO 14001:2004 and ISO R2:2013, which subject us to external audits and internal plans-of-action to improve our green mission. Our programs safely aim to re-use, recover, or recycle a variety of potentially dangerous materials, including; Lithium-ion batteries, liquid crystal glass, lead, and other heavy metals. With assembly in America, and specifically assembly by AGDisplays, customers can feel secure with the fact that they are in cooperation with an environmentally responsible company.

An image of the ISO standard logo, colored green.
Our environmental policies help to protect our employees and community.

5. Tariff Conscious

AGDisplays’ global network of LCD factories and suppliers means we are not limited to countries who have been tagged with tariffs. Many of our partner factories are located in business-friendly locations such as Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, while our reach of overstock panels extends to warehouses in Europe, Canada, and around the world. Revisiting point #1, AGDisplays can land and assemble components from various countries across the globe and repackage them together as one completed item to the customer, saving valuable fuel costs and freight space.

6. Small Scale Specialization

Instead of vast assembly lines inside of vaulting warehouses, our team specializes in production runs of 100-1000 pieces, often-times involving a single technician throughout the life of the production cycle.  This gives us much more flexibility and experience than overseas assemblers, who typically work in much larger teams where no one individual is intimately involved in the project. The size of our production runs, along with our experienced team and equipment allows us to adjust and make changes on the fly, and should challenges occur, we can work quickly with the customer without halting an order for lengthy re-design.

Our scalable and fully equipped bonding capabilities.

7. Location

AGDisplays in conveniently located just a one-hour drive east of Pittsburgh International Airport, in the bristling artistic city of Greensburg, PA. If you are a business interested cooperating with AGDisplays, schedule a visit and meet with our friendly team of management and engineers. We welcome potential partners to tour our US facility and see working examples of our previous display projects.

8. Quality Control

All final quality control is performed by our trained technicians, and is to a higher standard than even that of the major manufactures. 100% of our displays are tested, serialized, and documented by our outgoing process to ensure that we catch any faults such as contamination, dead pixels, or false touches. Even for bulk shipments, we test each display from overseas to catch any potential fallout. Our control process can even be adjusted if a customer has a specific requirement, such as a strict contamination tolerance.

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9. Local Inventory

Certain items at AGDisplays are held in stock at our US location, and can be purchased directly through our website, or through our eBay portal. This is the fastest way to get an off-the-shelf product from AGDisplays, often shipping the same day and arriving overnight. Our sister company AGParts also offers replacement laptop and Chromebook components available through their portal.

10. American Patriotism

Buying American assembled LCDs and components from AGDisplays helps to support the American economy and provide job growth to our local Greensburg community. AGDisplays is dedicated to growing the skills, education, and livelihoods, and supporting the ingenuity and innovation of our American workforce. Finally, AGDisplays is proud to support our troops with various ongoing projects, and purchases made from our business helps to support research towards developing safer and more durable displays for our soldiers.


These ten reasons highlight why American assembly is returning the global economy, and why it is practical and effective to work with American assemblers like AGDisplays. As tariffs and trade wars raise the cost of doing business overseas, many people will re-realize the importance of American quality and craftsmanship. For that reason, not only is assembly back in the US, but it is here to stay. To learn more about AGDisplays, our products, and how our team can assemble the perfect display product for you, please visit our website at: www.agdisplays.com.

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