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Advantages of an LCD Interface | AG Displays Blog

When designing a piece of industrial equipment, one may wonder if upgrading to an LCD interface is worth the expense or redesign. While it may seem to be a hassle, the advantages of employing an LCD interface can increase production and make it easy to customize interaction. 

Expansive Technical Support 

  • Diverse range of brands for all markets. 
  • Because of the saturation of LCDs around the world, there will always be lasting support and different brands to offer endless combinations of features and specs. 
  • LCDS are accepted as the primary form or human-machine interaction across many different markets (restaurants, self-serve kiosks, ATMs, handheld and machine controllers, GPS and infotainment devices, RADAR displays, HUDs, etc.).  

High Quality Optics 

  • LCDs provide the best optical quality for the price. 
  • LCDs still provide the best cost to quality ratio when compared to other display tech such as OLED and MicroLED. 

Efficient Design 

  • LCDs are a thin, low weight, and compact display option. 
  • A wide variety of aspect ratios are available, as well as displays with portrait or landscape viewing mode. 
  • Wide viewing angles allow for off center viewing without visual distortion.  

Product Longevity 

  • The long-lasting development of LCDs have eliminated the bugs that compromise many other display technologies such as burn in, sub-par luminance, and inconsistent colors.  
  • Long lasting lifecycles allow most displays to be used for up to 50k hours (or potentially up to 6 years of non-stop usage). 

Energy Efficiency 

  • The LEDs that illuminate an LCD are energy efficient option and can become even more so when equipped with programmable dimming options to limit power consumption. 
  • Low heat output, low EMI emission, low power requirements (makes it suitable for portable devices). 

Customization Options  

  • Films, LEDs, polarizers, controllers, power supplies, touch screens, frames and mounting 
  • Ruggedization, EMI protection, coverglass options 
  • Touch sensor customization – fingertip activation or glove activation 
  • Print screen logo, button overlay designs and more