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LCD Design Solutions, Plus A Look at Our Newest 15.6” Touch Screen Design | AG Displays Blog

LCDs are often thought of as delicate and complicated, however they can be used (and thrive) in extreme, high traffic environments. From your smart phone, to the food menu at the gas station, LCDs can be designed for near continuous use and robust interactivity. The ATM display doesn’t freeze no matter how cold it is outside, and the fashion model mall kiosk shines like the sun.  Nevertheless, between the assembly line and the line of duty, a display must make a pit stop at an LCD integrator like AGDisplays. AGDisplays and integrators alike provide LCD Design Solutions by converting the basic off-the-shelf LCD Module into a rugged and enhanced LCD Design ready for the real world. 

AGDisplays, the one stop shop for LCD Design Solutions

How It Works:

Working with major industries such as Marine, Aerospace, Military, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, and more, AGDisplays works one-on-one with you and your team to review your project and create a design approach that meets the timeline and expectations of your goals. We provide the entire LCD Design Solution, beginning with a factory direct LCD module and providing Engineering, Assembly, Consultation, and Design all under one roof, with our team of dedicated and experienced LCD experts. 

The project management is handled by AGDisplays for the life of your display.

Why Choose AGDisplays:

AGDisplays offers comprehensive LCD Design Solutions that are meant to increase the lifetime and durability of your display. Regardless of the environment, our team ensures that your display will function properly and reliably. By offering a magnitude of Value-add enhancements, AGDisplays becomes the one-stop-shop for our customers.  Services provided among our many LCD Design Solutions include:  

Component Assembly and Integration

LCD components, and peripherals such as LED controllers, touch screen controllers, and input converting boards can be designed to meet the customer’s specific needs. BOM purchasing and management are handled by AGDisplays, as well as inventory storage and planned release schedules to meet the customers timeline.

Coverglass Design and Integration

An integral part of a ruggedized LCD Design Solution, a custom coverglass is meant to provide the LCD with protection from scratches, abrasions, and fractures. In many cases, a custom coverglass solution can also increase optical clarity and quality. In essence a coverglass acts as a shield for the display underneath.   

Custom Glass Printing

Pairing a coverglass solution with AGDisplays Custom Glass Printing service will give your display a profession, “finished” appearance. Custom Printing can qualify as anything from simple black décor borders to full logos, icons, and lettering.

EMI Protection

AGDisplays EMI protection techniques include both transparent ITO film, and our fine grid conductive mesh, to help provide an immunity toward wayward electromagnetic interference. Both EMI design solutions help to shield susceptible components from the effects of surrounding EMI.

High Bright LED Integration

AGDisplays home-built generation of High-Bright LEDs are easy to assemble and integrate. Our High Bright LED design solution can be retrofit to replace older and worn CCFL backlights, as well as traditional LEDs. Our High Bright solution achieves a minimum of 1000cd/m² without compromising the optical integrity of the display.   

LED and Controller Assemblies

Integrating High-Bright LEDs will require a compatible and powerful LED controller. By upgrading the LED controller board, an LCD is ensured the best possible contrast, color depth, durability, and power consumption. Enhanced LED controllers provide optimal energy efficiency, while remaining durable and cost effective.

NVIS Design and Integration

For Military and Aerospace customers, NVIS integration is a must have for night-time operations. Our dual-mode LCD Design Solution is ideal for both direct sunlight, and pitch black environments, and can be ruggedized to perform in all weather conditions. Our NVIS design solution includes two integration methods, including a removeable front filter and a direct internal filtering of the LEDs. We also maintain our trusted and rugged proprietary NVIS methods for our dual-mode solutions.

OCA, Optical, and Tape Bonding

Bonding is the technique used to conjoin either a coverglass or touch screen to the LCD. Several techniques can be used to achieve bonding success; Tape, OCA, and Optical bonds all accomplish the feat of pairing a display with its coverglass or touch screen. The difference between the bond types is in the bonding substrate, the level of ruggedization, and the optical performance of each. A tape bond consists of double-sided adhesive placed along the perimeter of the display. An OCA bond is a clear sheet of adhesive that covers the entire face of the display. And an Optical bond is a liquid-poured and UV-cured adhesive – that offers the most ruggedization and best optical performance of the three.   

Passive and Active Film Enhancements

Film enhancements are an effective and economical way to increase the optical quality of an LCD. By using various configurations of internal films, clarity and readability can be enhanced though the fine tuning of color and luminance. Various internal films include light diffusers, ESR, QWR, BEF and more, while external filters can include matte, gloss, or hard coat film lamination.

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Touch Screen Design and Integration

Touch screen Design allows for a customer to choose either a Resistive or Capacitive touch screen to match their LCD. Resistive touch screens are a more cost-effective way to integrate touch screen design, and is generally limited to single finger or stylus input. Resistive touch screens can generally glove compatible, and can be found on displays being used outside, and in wet or cold conditions. Capacitive touch screens, on the other hand, support multi-touch function, and are highly sensitive and responsive to water. Thankfully, with an upgraded touch screen controller, capacitive touch screen can be fine-tuned to ignore inputs from water and debris. The touch screen on your smartphone is the most easily recognized example of capacitive touch screen technology.

Turn-key Design

The grand conjunction of all our LCD Design Solutions is our all-encompassing Turn-key Design.  Turn-key Design allows AGDisplays to design and assemble a full solution, incorporating components of each of the design criteria listed above. Our Turn-key design solutions include full engineering kits to help our customers prototype their design, and can accommodate small and large scale production volumes.

Our Recent LCD Design Solution, AG156HA-A05N-PTG-V1

A 15.6″ Touch Screen Solution for High-Demand Industries

AG156HA-A05N-PTG-V1 is our 15.6” Touch Screen Solution meant for Military, Industrial, and Commercial customers. AG156HA-A05N-PTG-V1 starts with a factory direct AUO display, which is then enhanced by our AGDisplays team to include a Capacitive touch screen with custom printed ink décor border and chemically strengthened glass. Bonded via perimeter tape bond, this display maintains an optical indoor luminance of 500 cd/m² along with fully symmetrical and ultra-wide viewing angles.  Paired with the native Full-HD resolution, this display makes reading text and selecting menus easy and efficient. This display has applications as a multi-function display for Military, Industrial, and Commercial applications. For example, this display can be used as a desktop information display, industrial machine controller, or casino game touch display.  

Rugged touch screen bonding for enhanced usability.

Specifications of AG156HA-A05N-PTG-V1

Description: 15.6″ AUO TFT-LCD G156HAN02.3 with integrated PCAP touchscreen with decor ink border & cabling

Size: 15.6″

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Luminance: 500 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Viewing Angles: 178/178°

Operation Temp: -20 / 70°C

Storage Temp: -20 / 70°C

Interface (I/O): LVDS 2-Channel

Cabling: LVDS, Backlight, and touchscreen interface cable.

Integration: 3M 4991 VHB perimeter bond, 2.3mm bond-line thickness.

Additional Features: Projected capacitive touchscreen COF (chip-on-flex) touchscreen controller, 387.73 X 237.09 X 2.25mm, 7H surface finish hardness, Chemical strengthened coverglass with black ink decor border. USB and I²C COF interface.