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LCD Engineering Kits: Full Display Solutions for Rapid Development | AG Displays Blog

What is an LCD Engineering Kit?

An LCD Engineering Kit is a collection of components and tools that can be used for designing and testing an LCD display. The kit typically includes an LCD panel, along with supporting hardware such as drivers, controllers, and connectors.

Other components that may be included in an LCD Engineering Kit are backlight systems, polarizers, and adhesives for assembling the LCD panels. The kit may also come with a data sheet or instruction manual to help users get started with designing and testing their LCD displays.

By starting a custom design with an LCD engineering kit, potential challenges can be worked out in the pre-production or design phase, long before mass production or integration of the display. In this way, engineers can design multiple iterations, test their integration with other components, and develop the technical expertise with their display design.

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What is included in an LCD Engineering Kit?

An LCD Engineering Kit typically includes all the components needed to design and test an LCD display. Depending on the level of development and/or the application of the design, some kits may contain more components than others. Components such as touch screens, power supplies, single board computers, interface adapters, and cabling will be included in most Engineering Kit packages. Typically, the common LCD Engineering Kit will contain the following items:

AGDisplays LCD Engineering Kits can get you prototyping quickly.

LCD Modules: These are the actual displays that can be used for prototyping and testing. The modules may include different sizes, resolutions, and types of displays such as character or graphic displays.

Driver Boards: These boards are used to drive the LCD modules and can include different interface options such as RGB, MIPI, or LVDS.

Cables and Connectors: Various cables and connectors may be included to connect the LCD modules and driver boards. Unpopulated cables and flying leads can also be included so that wiring design can be handled by the engineer.

Power Supply: A power supply may be included to provide the necessary voltage and current for the LCD modules and driver boards.

Software Tools: These tools may include software drivers, development tools, or programming guides that can help with the programming and configuration of the LCD displays.

Data Sheets: The kit may include user manuals, specifications, or application notes that provide additional information on how to use the components included in the kit.

Other Components: The kit may also include various accessories such as backlight inverters, touch screens, or mounting hardware.

AGDisplays LCD Engineering kits contain all the components needed to design and test your display.

How can an LCD Engineering Kit Help My Design?

Using an LCD Engineering Kit provides benefits to the design process by allowing the engineer an opportunity to experience the LCD first-hand and evaluate the display prior to committing to MOQ level orders. It’s an opportunity to test and experiment with a low-cost full solution. Designing with an LCD Engineering Kit has several other advantages, including:  

Rapid Prototyping: Because LCD Engineering Kits are available in a variety of LCD modules with different sizes, resolutions, and types of displays, as well as including necessary driver boards, cables, connectors, and other components, it allows designers to quickly and easily prototype and test different display configurations, saving time and effort in the design process.

Evaluation of LCD Performance: The Engineering Kit allows designers to evaluate the performance of LCD displays under different operating conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions, providing valuable feedback on how the displays will perform in the real world.

Integration with Other Components: The kit includes driver boards and other necessary components to integrate the LCD displays with other components of a larger product, such as controllers, power supplies, and interfaces. This makes it easier for designers to ensure that the displays work seamlessly with the other components, saving time and effort in the integration process.

Testing and Debugging: The Engineering Kit allows designers to test and debug the LCD displays and driver boards in a controlled environment, allowing them to identify and resolve any issues before integrating the displays into the final product.

Access to Documentation and Resources: The Engineering Kit typically includes user manuals, data sheets, application notes, and other resources that provide valuable information on LCD display design, programming, and integration.

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AGDisplays LCD Engineering Kits are available off-the-shelf with all the components needed to prototype your design. With AGDisplays Engineering Kits, AGDisplays can provide engineers with quick access to the tools they need to develop and integrate high-quality LCD displays into their products. AGDisplays Engineering Kits can provide a valuable benefit to anyone looking to quickly get their LCD product design off of the ground.