AGDisplays excels in industrial repair, utilizing our extensive capabilities to address various aspects of LCD technologies. Our aim is to save our customers from replacing entire units for minor repairs. With our profound expertise in LCD panels and technology, we offer both low-volume and high-volume production levels, supported by cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment that ensures precise procedures.

Our skilled teams bring technical prowess and creative problem-solving abilities to meet the demanding needs of various industries, delivering LCD displays that excel in performance. With over 40+ years of experience, we meticulously train our personnel through a specific curriculum, regularly evaluating their skills to maintain the highest standards. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with top-notch display repairs that meet or exceed their expectations. Our trained personnel are assessed regularly to ensure the quality of their workmanship aligns with AGDisplays’ stringent standards. Additionally, we offer repair warranty services for panels that are no longer under OEM warranty.

AGDisplays focuses on refurbishing and repairing your LCDs, specializing in cost-effective alternatives to LCD replacements. In some cases, we may use recycled LCD parts that have undergone thorough testing to guarantee their reliability. Utilizing refurbished parts helps keep costs low for our customers while ensuring that the products maintain quality and performance.

When repairing and refurbishing your display product, we typically use brand new, high-quality LCD components. Our commitment to quality extends to maintaining strict databases and following robust supply chain processes. With an International Procurement Office in China, we continuously verify vendors to uphold current business practices and ensure the procurement of reliable components.

For optimal functionality, our LCD experts prepare custom display layouts, including unit dimensions and segment content, to redesign your panel as needed. Rigorous inspections of deliverables are carried out to ensure that AGDisplays only works with top-notch materials. Throughout the manufacturing process, various product inspections, including performance measures, are implemented for quality assurance. A full diagnostic analysis is conducted for each repaired unit to guarantee its functionality and performance.

With AGDisplays’ repair/refurbish service, you can be confident that your products are equipped with quality, inspected components and that our skilled teams will go above and beyond to ensure your LCD displays are in peak condition

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