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The Diamond of AGDisplays | AG Displays Blog

AGDisplays is celebrating our tenth year of business this month, and like any great decade, the nostalgic growing pains of our youth are giving way to a new confidence and relationships built on higher and higher standards. What began in 2007 as a small venture to make better LED rails, has blossomed into a business that rides the crest of technological innovation. From repairs and enhancements, to innovative engineering solutions, AGDisplays leverages our experience to exceed what many think is possible from an LCD screen. During the past ten years, AGDisplays has worked with top entertainment companies like Disney, huge transportation businesses such as Wabtec, major electronics manufacturers like GE, and has created and integrated designs for the US military and high-class medical facilities. Our products can be found in caves, on waves, at 39,000 feet, unearthing buried treasure, fighting America’s enemies, and monitoring a patient’s vitals. Our enhanced displays have found purpose all around the globe and in the most extreme conditions.

AGDisplays started as an offshoot of its successful parent company Asset Genie Inc., which also includes two other subsidiaries, AGParts, and AGiRepair. Located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, AGI is a leading part of a technological renaissance in a historic and growing city, and employs nearly 200 local workers. Combined, the AG partnership has grossed over $100M during the past three years, expanding both internally and with our brand, now with established offices worldwide. Our AGDisplays home base is an 84,000-square foot industrial facility with fully equipped state-of-the-art class 1000+ clean rooms, ESD protection control, universal LCD and touch screen testing equipment and a dedicated OCA bonding room. Our company is also dedicated to the environment, as we participate in the ISO-1400 program, which aims to eliminate waste entering and leaving the building through diligent oversight from environmental representatives. AGDisplays, and Asset Genie as a whole, are devoted to our community and to making our environment a better place to work and live.

AGDisplays has shared much of the success of AGI, and we are continuously evolving and improving our business with the changing market. Designing often involves stepping outside of the box, which AGDisplays has done by repeatedly challenging ourselves to constantly learn new skills. Our full range of LCD enhancement services, such as Optical Bonding, and NVIS require us to meet the scrutinizing demands of military service and the consumer market. Perhaps one of our biggest accomplishments during the past decade has been being licensed by the FAA as a certified Part 145 Repair Station. This top-to-bottom effort involved everyone from technicians to management and successfully culminated after over two years of preparation and determination, and it allows us to repair in-flight entertainment under the stringently reviewed and documented guidance of the Federal Aviation Administration.The FAA certification couldn’t have happened, however, without first mastering our other services. It’s this process of Learn – Apply – Improve that has kept AGDisplays an elite performer in the LCD industry, and our employees take the initiative to attend classes, earn certificates, and teach each other to stay on top of our game.

The combination of technical knowledge, imaginative thinking and broad yet exacting experience (over 40 years combined total!) is what keeps our tight-knit group coming up with creative solutions for our customers. What might seem at first glance like a niche technology, when you look just under the surface, turns into an entire sea of possibilities. It’s with our team, our partners and great leadership that AGDisplays sails in search of opportunity.